About Me

Welcome to my blog; Gimme The Scoop Reviews!

**Edited to add that although this started out as pretty much a book blog I have expanded my interests into other things so the content will also be revolving to include those things as well like digital scrapbooking and recipes I am trying or just random photos and chatter! Hope I can entertain you at best!

There's really no big story behind why I began my book blog other than to share my thoughts on some of my favorite and not so favorite books, movies, and/or other things that I find amusing. I never even understood what a blog was all about until I was surfing You Tube and just happened upon a few wonderful vlogs by a few book loving bloggers! I was intrigued and I had never seen a book blog and I said to myself I could never do that! I mean I've always been a shy, quiet person, how could I ever put myself out there like that and who on earth would want to read what I had to say anyhow? So I just quietly read a few book blogs for several months and started finding other nice ones that I enjoyed along the way and eventually worked up the courage to begin my own and was so excited when a few followers started trickling in! I'm like well WOW maybe I can do this after all! I still am fairly in my beginner stages but have settled into a stable routine and heck I am having fun and spreading the word about some wonderful books and meeting some awesome bloggers/friends. I cant believe I waited so long to create one!

I am mainly a young adult junkie even though those days have long since come and gone! Where were these awesome books when I was actually YA? Thank gosh we have them now! I also enjoy Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Dystopian!

Outside of reading and blogging I enjoy watching Pretty Little Liars and The Walking Dead (OMG they are AWESOME!!), cooking (I love finding new recipes to try in my crock pot my most favorite cooking item!), I watch movies of all genre but have a love for mostly horror and sci-fi. I enjoy playing online games usually the ones on Facebook like  Farmville and Gourmet Ranch but love board games as well like Monopoly, Life, and many others. Since I got my Kindle Fire I also have an addiction on Wizard of Oz Match Game. Almost at level 200!

I am married to a wonderful man who I have known since we were small kids. He was annoying back then and sometimes still is but I love him with all my heart! We have two pampered poochies; Squirty and Demon (both are chiuaua mixes). Although I love them both Demon is mama's little darling and my pride and joy. I cant imagine my world without her in it. She bosses me around like I am "her" girl instead of the other way around! (Demon the one pictured below has since passed but we not so long ago added a new BIG baby to our family named Clyde and oh boy is he a handful but we love him! I still miss my DD so much.)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope I haven't bored you to tears! If you need to contact me feel free to at gimmethescoopreviews@gmail.com