About Me

Welcome to my blog; Gimme The Scoop Reviews!

There's really no big story behind why I began my book blog other than to share my thoughts on some of my favorite and not so favorite books, movies, and/or other things that I find amusing. I never even understood what a blog was all about until I was surfing You Tube and just happened upon a few wonderful vlogs by a few book loving bloggers! I was intrigued and I had never seen a book blog and I said to myself I could never do that! I mean I've always been a shy, quiet person, how could I ever put myself out there like that and who on earth would want to read what I had to say anyhow? So I just quietly read a few book blogs for several months and started finding other nice ones that I enjoyed along the way and eventually worked up the courage to begin my own and was so excited when a few followers started trickling in! I'm like well WOW maybe I can do this after all! I still am fairly in my beginner stages but have settled into a stable routine and heck I am having fun and spreading the word about some wonderful books and meeting some awesome bloggers/friends. I cant believe I waited so long to create one!

I am mainly a thriller/horror and paranormal junkie although as I am a "mood reader" don't be surprised to find me reading romance, rom-coms, sci-fy, and while I have backed away from a lot of young adult I do still enjoy it from time to time...I am just more selective of what I am interested in reading!  While I don't have young children of my own I still enjoy reviewing childrens books from time to time as well.

Outside of reading and blogging I enjoy watching Drama, Game, and Mystery shows. Cooking is also a big pleasure of mine. I love reviewing cookbooks and finding new recipes especially low carb/Keto ones since I am now following the lifestyle of low carb I grab as many as I can!

I am married to a wonderful man who I have known since we were small kids. He was annoying back then and sometimes still is but I love him with all my heart! We have two pampered poochies; Max and Big Boy and my moms baby Hiney who is never far away. They are all the loves of my life next to my husband. We are all huge dog lovers.  Below is one of my past loves who has crossed over the rainbow bridge. Gone but never forgotten my beloved Demond who is also the theme of my blog. I just can't bear to change my blog style.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope I haven't bored you to tears! If you need to contact me feel free to at gimmethescoopreviews@gmail.com