Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Book Review - House of Shadows by Darcy Coates

House of ShadowsHouse of Shadows by Darcy Coates

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Synopsis: Sophie's world is shattered when disaster bankrupts her family. She's still reeling from the news when she's offered an unexpected solution: Mr Argenton, a wealthy stranger, asks for her hand in marriage.

Marrying Mr Argenton will restore her family's fortunes and save them from scandal, but condemns Sophie to a life in Northwood, a vast and unnaturally dark mansion situated hours from civilisation.

Sophie struggles to adjust to her new position as mistress over the desolate house. Mr Argenton's relatives are cold, and Mr Argenton himself is keeping secrets. Even worse, the house is more than it seems.

Mr Argenton's young cousin, Elise, draws terrifying images. Doors slam. Inhuman figures slink through the forest surrounding the house. A piano plays in the middle of the night. Blood drips from the ceilings.

Sophie is inevitably pulled towards the terrifying truth: Northwood's ancient halls are haunted by the family's long-dead ancestors. The malevolent spirits--produced by grisly deaths--resent her intrusion into their home.

Trapped in Northwood and desperate for an escape, Sophie's fate is further complicated as she finds herself irrevocably drawn to the tall, dark-eyed man she married. She suspects her feelings are returned, but Mr Argenton is hiding the truth about the house--and his secrets are so dangerous that they might just be unforgivable

My Thoughts: House of Shadows kept me up all night reading it! It was so Gothic and creepy and I really enjoyed the characters as well as the relationship between Sophie and Joseph. No, it wasn't an conventional marriage or love affair but we see it grow and blossom thru-out the story and it was just so beautiful. It tugged at my heart because here are two people who get thrown together in a marriage of convenience and still find their way to love in extraordinary circumstances.

I was so enthralled in the story, especially the parts with all the whispers and bumps Sophie experienced, had somebody touched me I would have jumped out of my skin! I totally wouldn't have been as brave as her! Sophie endures alot at Northwood during her stay there and some of it could have well been deterred had Joseph just been honest with her from the start but after reading the whole story I understand his motives.

House of Shadows is just an "GOOD" old fashioned Gothic styled love story entwined with bits of paranormal and madness!

*I received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!

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