Thursday, September 18, 2014

eSalon Hair Care

Are you one of the brave souls like me who have tried boxed hair dyes? How often have they ever came out in the way you had hoped or anticipated? Mine hardly ever does despite the many brands and color options I have tried over the years. A few times I can honestly say I was quite impressed with my end result but there were usually more hair horror stories than anything one time resulting in bright Orange hair! Boy was I upset! I was NOT a happy camper! The things we put ourself thru just to keep the gray covered. LOL

I recently was able to try eSalon hair coloring products free of charge for my honest opinion and I was really impressed! They design a whole personalized kit based on YOU. They even come personalized with YOUR name right on the bottles! You can send them a photo of your hair and explain to them what's going on and what you want your hair to look like and they mix up a kit just for you! It was an awesome experience and I had never done anything like that before. The kit arrived very quickly and their customer service was very very nice and helpful!

The previous time I had dyed my hair before trying eSalon my color came out fairly good but was a bit brighter than I wanted and dull looking so I was ecstatic when I used my personalized kit from eSalon and not only did it fix that issue for me but made my hair appear more healthier than it has in a long time. I have gotten many compliments on my hair lately and it has just tickled me silly!

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