Friday, June 14, 2013

Guest Post - Sunny Benson - January Exposure

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Genre – Mystery

Rating – PG13

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sunny Benson

I’ve always loved science. As a kid I asked for a robot, a microscope, and a chemistry set for Christmas. I also requested a frog dissection kit, but never received it. I don’t think my mom thought I’d actually use it, which is funny, because as a little kid she dissected a dead mouse she found to ‘see what was inside’.

I became a lacto-ovo-vegetarian thirteen years ago after seeing an episode of cops that featured the officers busting a cock fighting ring and finding live, injured chickens discarded in a covered trash can.

I have three bachelor’s degrees in biology, chemistry, and computer science and a master’s degree in IT.

I was a high school science teacher before my current occupation as a computer scientist.

There is an old family story regarding my name. One Sunday after church, my family went for brunch at Perkins, a huge treat for us since we didn’t often eat out very often. I was six years old, and my little sister Tracy was four. When the waiter took my order, I ordered my eggs sunny side up. So of course, applying kid logic, when it was her turn to order, Tracy asked for her eggs Tracy side up.

When I donned my new fledged wings of adulthood, I procured a tattoo of a Sun, because of my name.

I was born in Fargo and lived there for the first few weeks of my life, but actually grew up across the border in Fargo’s twin city Moorhead. Go Spuds!

I attended Space Camp as a teenager and won the “Right Stuff” award.

I’ve been an insomniac since I was a teenager. The only time in my adult life that I’ve slept well was during my pregnancy with my son.

I have double jointed elbows. So do my mom, my two sisters, and at least one of my daughters.


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