Friday, December 14, 2012

Review - Fire and Ice by Karen Maneely

Fire and Ice by Karen Maneely
Released: November 28, 2012
Age Group: Adult
Pages: 324KB
Format: Kindle
Source: Freebie
Rating: 2/5
Bobbie Burke loves to play hockey and is the most talented playing in a large Burke family, with four older brothers. The only problem is Bobbie's a woman and the most she could ever hope for, now that she graduated college, is maybe a spot on the US Olympic team.

The Philadelphia Fire just finished the previous season last in the league. Management is desperate to turn the team around and make it to the playoffs. What they needed was a forward that could score goals and win games.
This was a wonderful love story between teammates. Bobbi grew up in a houseful of men hockey players having lost her mother at a very young age so she was no stranger to playing rough. She has had to overcome alot of obstacles to play in this basically male dominated sport but she loves the game and has put personal relationships on the back burner as far as having a major rule of not dating other hockey players so Connor has his work cut out for him when he becomes very attracted to her being not only her teammate but captain of her team.

I am not even a sports fan but was able to enjoy the story and I loved the relationship between Bobbi and Connor and also the friendship Bobbi made with Laura, one of her teammates wives. Bobbi had never really had any female role models to relate to so it was interesting having her go thru all these different relationships and evolve not only as a pro hockey player but as a more feminine character as well.

What I didn't like and why I gave such a low rating to such a wonderful story was the amount of editing errors. I usually don't even mention problems with editing but there is just so many of them as well as one whole chapter that is just totally missing. Without going into alot of detail it was a really significant chapter where something happens to Bobbi and she has to miss a few games. It just really took alot away from the story having to constantly read and re-read just to make passages make sense.

**edited to add that the missing chapter has been added since I downloaded my copy.


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