Thursday, June 6, 2013

Read-a-Long: How (Not) to Kiss a Toad (Cindy Eller Cupcakes #1) by Elizabeth A Reeves

Synopsis: Life isn't always sweet for magical baker, Cindy Eller. All her life she's been cursed-- every man she's ever kissed has turned into a toad. Love isn't likely to come her way.

If that weren't a big enough problem, her 'curse' has come to the attention of the Council of Magic and she may never be able to use her powers.

Enter the perfect man-- handsome, sweet, and loves food just as much as Cindy does. It would seem to be a match made in Heaven, or is it?

Cindy isn't the only one keeping secrets.

With toads, cupcakes, romance, magic and ice cream, life never has time to get dull!

(Excerpt #4) After demolishing another entire pint of ice cream under the baleful watch of my latest warty ward, I decided a long, hot shower was in order. I couldn’t believe I had actually let that thing near me. Was I really that desperate?

“No more men,” I chanted, starting the hot water blasting. “No more dates.

No more kissing. I’m done! No. More. Toads.”

I kept chanting my new mantra as I poured half a bottle of sugar-cookie scented shampoo into my hair and started sudsily scrubbing out my miserable night. Once I started in on my equally delicious-smelling conditioner I finally began to relax.

Images of fabulous desserts danced through my brain. Banana Peanut Butter Crème brulee, I day-dreamed, or maybe a nice summery orange-scented bread pudding. Suddenly, I couldn’t wait for my four A.M. alarm and a full day of I was one of those lucky few who truly loved my job. I knew that wasn’t always the case and couldn’t help but feel a little smug about it. Sugar High Bakery had been a job of desperation in my college days, begun with the advent of a ‘Help Wanted’ sign over a tray of late-night studying cookies. I’d figured ‘hey, I like food’ and applied. Very quickly after starting work there it had taken over my entire life. I had even dropped out of my pre-law program to take classes at a
pastry school to the horror of my entire over-achieving scholastic family.

I had found my true calling in being elbows-deep in flour and butter. My bosses, an adorable older-but-not-elderly couple, had given me free rein with creativity after only a year and one highly successful brownie that was still our
number one seller. As long as I kept up with their traditional offerings, to please the long-term customers, I could create what I desired.

I seemed to have pastry-scented dreams these days. Wherever I went dessert inspirations filled my head. Someday I was going to own my very own bakery and fill the displays with all of my own creations. Visions of handmade truffles spiked with chipotle and my special cinnamon honey caramel chews danced in my head. I could almost taste the scent of baking bread on the air.

With a sigh, I pulled my hair up into a wet ponytail and dragged on my work uniform, a t-shirt and what I called my ‘artistic’ jeans, with the random rips, doodles, and patchwork flowers that I had painstakingly, and clumsily, stitched on myself.

I knew better than to try to sleep when this mood struck me. I would end up lying in bed daydreaming about pastry, sugar, and butter until I got up and did something about it.

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